Eco Adventure


As users of a natural territory, we owe it to ourselves to leave as little trace as possible of our passage in this space.

The runner commits:

Do not leave any rubbish or packaging throughout the event. The runner can also recover any rubbish in his path. Waste should be thrown into the sorting bags made available by the organization in order to promote recycling.

The organization undertakes:

To provide sorting bags during the event

Adjust the amount of water dispensed and use jerry cans to limit the number of bottles.


During an event, the transport component can represent 90% of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere

The runner commits:

To promote carpooling between runners and accompanying persons to get to the venue of the event

The organizer agrees:

Prioritize carpooling during reconnaissance of the route and on the day of the race.

Give priority to mountain biking on the race site